Drayton Valley & District Agricultural Society

2018 Bench Show Award Winner for Best of Show!

The Bench Show is the annual competition for make it, bake it, grow it fair entries. Winners receive a ribbon and cash prize and the person with the most points is called the Aggregate winner. They also get their name on a plaque. The last fair was held on August 18, 2018. Linda Davis is pictured Presenting an Award.

The committee sets the date of competition each year and makes a booklet of categories for entries and rules for the contest. Committees begin meeting in March to set dates and work on the book for the following year.

The Agricultural Society needs 12 community volunteers to assist with this Event annually.

1-Susan Schwindt-Coordinator (Calls meetings, sets budget, orders supplies, books judges & facility, attends Ag Society Meeting)

6-Assistants (Distribute booklets, Hang posters, Recruit sponsors, process entries, assist judges, organize displays)

4-Judges (Day of show judging entries, need to have training/ workshop experience)

The Agricultural Society would be willing to hold a workshop for interested volunteers. Trained Bench Show Judges are in demand for fairs in our area and will qualify for honorarium payments and travel for each event judged. Please contact the society to register for information sessions. 

2018 Open Farm Days