Drayton Valley & District Agricultural Society

43 Years and Growing Strong

Farm to Fork -Dinner and Awards Night

Scholarship winners for 2013 were Taylor Wood, Maryam Sadegian, Amariah Kathol & Rebecca Reich

Scholarship winners for 2014 are Taylor Wood, Raylee Wood 

Scholarship winners for 2015 are Hannah Madill & Riley Raines

Scholarship winners for 2016 are Brody Hines, Lisa Reich, Amariah Kathol, Delany Hines & Morgan Guyon
Scholarship winners for 2017 are  Sage Eshleman, Bonnie Jean Thebeau, Alanna Kathol, Delaney Hines, Lisa Reich

Scholarship applications available upon request at any time.  Deadline for Applications October 15 of each year. There are many other opportunities for scholarships within the Agriculture community. Please contact us to find out more!

Farm Families                                                    Pioneer Families

2011 Petra Smithinsky                                    2011 Herman Berry (Family)

2012 Darwayne & Linda Claypool               2012 Pearl & Dennis Brewster and Mable & Lloyd Nelson

2013 Charles & Judy Martin                           2013 Harold & Lillian Smithinsky and Laurence & Elsie Robinson

2014 Patricia & Bill Jeffery                             2014 Jackie & Harold Harke and Les & Shirley Sondresen      

2015 Jeff & Brandy Bundt                              2015  John & Lina Ewanicke and Sherryle & Dale Guze

2016 Bart Guyon & Family                            2016 Awold Richert Family, John & Mary Berezowski Family, Edward Wood Family

2017  Don & Dianna Ewanicke                     2017  Wendel Sekura and Liz & Gerry Polhing & Joe Safronovich

2018 Ken & Janina Mackenzie                      2018  Theodore & Julie Reich and Stanley & Julia Yurkiwich

2019/2020 awards were Cancelled Due to Covid but we hope to catch up with everyone next YEAR in 2021!!